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Loose the Weight you Want - It is Possible lap-band surgery

 This is my story on how I had to make a dramatic change to my life “health reasons” where I had to loose 48 kilos to reduce further risks with my polycystic ovaries syndrome and type II diabetes. I had no choose but to have invasive surgery laparoscopic gastric band surgery! It has its challenges but never have regretted its given me my life back and major positive change to my life. If you want any suggestions or support please subscribe and send me a message “only to happy to help” 😊 

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Loose the Weight you Want - It is Possible lap-band surgery bariatric surgery My Patreon To help Fight Obesity in Brisbane City

Regardless of the exact cause of your weight, Reiki may be beneficial as a weight loss aid.

Some of the ways in which Reiki may help with weight loss are detailed below.

In addition, they may experience fewer of the negative mental effects of carrying extra weight, such as depression.

Reiki may benefit you with obesity in many different ways. If you are interested in adding Reiki to your weight loss regimen book in your Reiki Session Today!

Loose the Weight you Want - It is Possible lap-band surgery bariatric surgery

My Weight Story


All my life up till 8 years ago, I suffered with obesity, having ongoing health conditions Type II Diabetes, Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome and Syndrome X. All the Doctors and Specialist could offer me was dangerous weight loss pills (duromine) and tell me I was a challenge. 

I was suffering from living in a society where I’m shamed, stigmatized and humiliated because of the way I look. Where I’m oppressed by people who choose to believe that I could be thin if I tried (even though there’s no evidence for that), stigma and negative setbacks professionally and personally is what I achieved back due to the way I was feeling about myself. I know we make excuses, I have 100 of them😊

First, identify what would give you the willpower to stay off the couch, "then make a plan to get you in the right frame of mind to commit to exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

I reached my heaviest weight at 97 kilos and dropped to 47 kilos, Now comfortably sitting at a healthy 55 kilos all by making concrete decisions to change my life “it starts today”!

Reiki and Weight Loss

Because Reiki may reduce stress and contribute to relaxation, clients may be able to get better, more restful sleep after treatment. This may contribute to better hormonal balance and a more normal appetite, which will help to prevent further weight gain and facilitate weight loss.

Lap - Band Surgery


Being over 95 kilos in weight and 152cm height, my BMI was over the roof “The only thing the doctors could say that I was a challenge”.

My only solution to gain my life back was Lap-Band Surgery

It saved me, now the Specialist say “I am one in one hundred” that has successfully achieved my weight loss goal.

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Adjustable gastric banding (lap-banding) is promoted as safe and easy. The adjustable gastric band, which could be inserted laparoscopically (using key-hole surgery), revolutionised bariatric surgery in the early 1990s, promising a low-risk, minimally invasive and reversible procedure.

Short-term effects of the gastric band are encouraging, with an appropriate rate of weight loss (about 0.5kg to 1kg per week) and few major medical complications over the first one or two years. Total weight loss peaks at about three years, with about 50% of excess weight lost by this stage. For many people, this resolves or improves obesity-related conditions such as type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea.

Have any questions?

When I had my surgery 6 years ago? there was limited information, I would of love to be able to reach and and discuss the processes of post surgery and or what I can and cannot eat?
Please feel free to send me any questions as it may help you and someone else. Weight Loss in Bribie Island North Lap-Band Surgery in Bribie Island North bariatric surgery My Patreon To help Fight Obesity in Brisbane City

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